About Us

Family Involvement

Calisthenics offers the opportunity for everyone in the family to be involved. Our club would not function without our valuable volunteers. There are many areas that you might want to be involved with including props & sets, costume making & trimming, hair & makeup, special events preparations, execution & clean-up. Families are invited to be involved as much or as little as they are able.


The concert is the highlight of our calisthenics year. The children perform all their dances & receive a trophy for their dedication. Other presentations are also made. We encourage families to make a year-long commitment in order to reap the rewards for their hard work. This way the children gain the maximum benefit for their involvement. Our concert and rehearsal dates are advertised early in the year, so please plan ahead to be available. It is very disappointing for the girls, their team, & those involved in preparing for the event if someone is unable to attend.

Costume Fees

These funds buy new costumes and trim and alter existing ones. Parents are not required to purchase, maintain, store or transport costumes. The decorative trims used for stage presentation are often more expensive than the costume itself and take many hours to hand sew. Parents are invited to help however we don’t insist on this. Hire fees are due at the beginning of term two.

Health and Safety

The Calisthenics Association of Queensland develops & promotes calisthenics in Queensland. Our club is a registered member. We comply with all their policies and guidelines. Each of our Competitive pupils must be registered members so that they are covered by personal accident and public liability insurance. The annual fee covers the children for classes, competitions, excursions and concerts. We have a ‘No Smoking’ policy. All calisthenics events are 100% smoke-free and smoking must be done away from clear view

We also have a healthy eating policy at our club. We encourage parents to send only water to drink during classes, For longer classes we ask for healthy snacks. We encourage healthy every-day foods, and moderation for ‘sometimes’ foods.

Friends for Life

We have a mentor or “buddy” program at Southern Stars that we have had much success with. Each class has an assistant coach, cadet or assistant who help teach the class and attend to the girls on a more personal level. The girls in our youngest classes have a buddy who looks after them at the rehearsals & concert so that all our little one’s are happy & well looked after. Our buddies must set a good example and are often an inspiration to the younger children.

Benefits from Calisthenics

Physical. Body alignment. Co-ordination. Rhythm. Cardiovascular fitness. Flexibility. Develops large repertoire of exercise movements – dance, gymnastics & ballet skills. Toned graceful body.

Intellectual. Discipline for alertness and instruction. Works both sides of brain. Improved Concentration span, academic performance and memory for movement sequences.

Emotional. Pride in appearance. Self-awareness. Self-assurance.
Control of emotions, Self-discipline. Self-confidence. Good self esteem.

Social. Teamwork. Sense of belonging. Develops new relationships.
Social awareness. Acting skills, mime and pretend play development.

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